Monday, May 12, 2008

Unclean Unclean


Amybear and I have had a game of stomach flu tag going for about a week now. Last Monday we bought some dubious Chinese food which we (and her doctor) thought gave her food poisoning. Well Saturday morning showed us how wrong we were when I got it. On Saturday, I was only lucid for the short bursts required to get me to and from the bathroom. Things have improved every day since, though I'm still not up to digestive snuff. Hopefully I'll be in good shape to enjoy the tasty pastries at the Scottish Games this weekend.

I spent this morning watching the talk shows, as sick people do. Turns out Regis's producer Michael Gelman has just finished some sort of two week intestinal cleansing regime. All I could think was that a good bout of stomach flu would have cleaned him out in a lot less.

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