Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mere Christianity

Paul Smith reviews the C.S. Lewis book over at his place.
Given the clarity and logic of this book, I'd be interested to see what disagreements atheists have with it. It's hard to disagree with. If you're interested in Christianity, this book will help you understand why it's the true faith, and if you're already Christian it will reaffirm your faith.
I think if Mere Christianity has a flaw, it is that the book is very modern and rational in its outlook. Lewis builds his argument largely on transcendent moral principles. If you're one of those post-modern people who thinks relative morality is just peachy, then some of the fundamental concepts may not get any purchase.

I also don't understand Paul's comments about the Eucharist. I've never seen a Christian group that didn't have some sort of doctrine concerning it (or Communion or the Lord's Supper). They might not match up with Catholic doctrine, but...

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