Monday, May 05, 2008

Vegas is Sin City

Stuff Christians Like explains this idea. Let's see, network TV series devoted to its violent crime? Check. Advertising campaign promoting bad behavior? Check. Town built on bilking stupid people out of their money through gambling? Triple Check.

Yeah, that's all true. But what bothered me most during my business trip to Vegas last September was how sleazy it was. For instance, there will be a topless show within easy walking distance of where you are staying. It may be in your casino. A walk down The Strip will have you passing by countless card-flippers* doing street advertising for erotic phone or escort services. Trucks carrying billboards advertising erotic shows, clubs, services, etc. drive down The Strip at all hours day and night. Many casinos have outdoor shows featuring dancers wearing less than most Victoria's secret models. It's just nasty.

*If you haven't been to Vegas, the flippers either aren't allowed to speak or don't speak English (almost all are Hispanic). Instead they flip playing-card sized advertisements in their hands to make noise and draw attention to themselves. Then they try to hand them to any passerby who will take them. Once the sun starts to set, they are on every street corner, footbridge, and major pedestrian thoroughfare. The cards (which are censored just like the rolling billboards) get stuck in chain-link fences and are thrown on the floor of every casino.

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