Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Background Images

This is mine. I'm rather proud of it since I took the picture myself. Plus I just like my hipower.

Today one of my coworkers complained about it. She works for a different team in a different division in a... well you get the point. She didn't like seeing a picture of a weapon on my computer screen. Now I work for the Army. I talk about small arms in the hallway with coworkers as part of my job. Lighten up or find work somewhere else.

Why didn't she like it? According to her, she doesn't like guns because she doesn't trust herself with one. She doesn't feel she has the control to refrain from using it.

Now if you aren't into firearms, you should know that this is a common theme among gun control advocates. They don't feel they are responsible enough to own guns so no one should. Let the tyranny of the lowest common denominator commense.

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