Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Politics and Street Prophecy

John has an excellent piece on how the left is embracing spirituality.
But what is so fascinating about this thread is that the general consensus seems to be that 'religion' is a good thing. People adopt religions because they help make sense of the world, cope with the travails of life, and provide a moral code for communities.

In the abstract, comparative religion-academic sense, this is true. But one doesn't often see in this thread the sense that one follows a faith because it is true. I don't know about you, but when I became a Christian, I didn't select Christianity from off the shelf at the Religion Store after comparison shopping the value of Hinduism and Shintoism. I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior because his way was the only way that was correct.
Pretty much. There are deeply convicted Christians on the left who believe in the policies of that political persuasion. I disagree, but I will still call them brother and shake their hands.

There are also a lot of folks, especially in communities where being a priest or minister is still influential, that use these positions as a shortcut to power. Hello, Rev. Sharpton. Hello, Rev. Jackson. If you are a preacher and you spend more time talking about George Bush than Jesus Christ, I have a problem with that.

However when I see religion on the left, what they follow is not Christianity. It is Liberalism with it's Greater Good. The Christian aspects are just proof-texting and lip service. They've comparison shopped their ideologies and have realized that a few good bible verses might play well in Peoria. Frankly, I don't take this crap from my leaders. If you wish to become one of my leaders, I suggest you try something else.

If you want my vote, first and foremost don't try to deceive me. First, I'm not stupid. Second, the conservatives are much better at aping religion than you are and they're actually doing what I want some of the time.

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