Friday, September 02, 2005

Doin' What We Can

My small group was last night. Concerns about hurricane damage was on everyone's lips. We all felt so frustrated, like we wished we could do something, but what was there we could do other than write checks?

We've been doing a short bible study series on prayer. Considering the events of the last few weeks, we opted to skip out of the study and just concentrate on the application. So we prayed for each other and then spent a long time in prayer for the people of New Orleans and the gulf coast. We felt it was important not just to pray for the deliverance of those people, but also to thank the Lord for everyone who was able to evacuate.

We know God has a plan in motion here. Perhaps he is seeking to humble us as we look at the awesome power of nature. Perhaps he is seeking to demonstrate the baser nature of humanity we also need deliverance from. I don't know, but I pray that all of this will not be in vain.

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