Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Marvel Movie Superheros

Amybear noticed that Captain America is one of the new movies coming out of the Marvel universe. As many as ten new movies are being made. I'd say lets hope there are more movies like Spiderman and less like the Punisher, but one of the films is Punisher II.

I have some Cap books at home, along with a few years of Iron Man from my youth. Both are capable of being great characters, but neither one has been written particularly well in the past few years. I bought a year of the Marvel Knights Captain America trade paperbacks. They were very well drawn but mediocrely written. Chuck Austen even co-wrote some of them. Shudder.

I think there is a good story to be told with Cap, especially if they do it right and make the first movie a WWII film that ends with him getting frozen. They could start the Avengers movie with him being thawed out by Iron Man and the rest.

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