Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Writing into a Corner

The Phantom Professor has a new lesson up. She titled it In The Zone.

This reminds me of an interview I read with Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other works. Dahl had given an interview about the techniques he used to write. Dahl said that one of the best ways he beat writers block was knowing when to stop writing. Stop when you are still in the Zone. He always made sure he stopped when he still had more to say. That way when he sat down to write more, he could pick up where he left off. He had some ideas to get him back into the Zone instead of being empty with a blank page staring him in the face. Ernest Hemingway taught him this.

It was very interesting to me because I tend to do the opposite. I write myself into a corner and then have nowhere to go.

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