Thursday, September 15, 2005

Commuting Annoyances

Why is it that traffic reports in my area seem to relish in using traffic sounds in their backgrounds? It is really annoying me. I drive to work. Bitsy on traffic comes on. Now my radio is just brakes and honking and it's in stereo coming from various positions in my car.

It trips all my emergency alarms. Is that car honking at me? I didn't think anybody was over there. It takes me a few seconds of full on freak out to get my bearings and realize what is going on.

I have the occasional problem with music in the car too. Once in a while a song will have some percussion noise that sounds like an ominous clunk. My ears perk up and I turn off the music. Clunking/whistling/whatever disappears. Ah. Stupid techno.

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