Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nano Tech

My local mall has an Apple store. This is usually of no consequence to me, because I'm not of the MacIntosh sort. Yes the iPods are cool, but they have also been over-priced compared to competitors like the mobiBLU cube. Thusfar, it has been possible for me to resist.

Now the Nano is out. Amybear and I played with one last night while window shopping. It is amazing. They have the same capacity as an iPod mini, but they are remarkably smaller in all dimensions. Yet I can still work the damn thing with my fat fingers.

My ability to resist is dwindling fast. Amybear, being the most intelligent woman ever, mentioned the fact that I might get one for Christmas. Smart girl. Now instead of thinking "gotta buy one gotta buy one" my stingy side is now mandating I wait.

UPDATE: My email account I use as a spam trap has a "Free iPod Nano" piece of spam in it. I actually read the thing before I junked it. This thing has made me weak.

UPDATE2: Here is a review. Again, it is sweet.

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