Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Joe Cathey posted several Oleg Volk posters up on his blog last weekend. I've mentioned Oleg before. Here is one of the posters. Dr. Jim West reacted very strongly and frankly somewhat irrationally to all this.
The poor child is clearly traumatized knowing that there is a gun six inches from her head. Note how she subconsciously tilts her little head away from, and not towards the tool of death that won't protect her as much as it will endanger her.
Jim's reaction is a bit scary to me. I don't worry about the little girl. She is a model, she is probably acting, and she is in no danger. She is most likely tilting her head so Oleg can get a clearer shot of the gun and balance the image left to right. What Jim sees in that poster is not what is there, but what he is projecting upon it. These are his fears not the girls.

Guns are things. They are tools. They won't bite unless you do something wrong. Truth be told that little girl is in more danger from the swimming pool in her back yard and the cleaning products under the kitchen sink than the gun on her father's hip.

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