Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Things I Suck At

Messy Christian puts evangelism on her list and I guess I'm right there with her. I'm not the type to go out and present myself as perfection incarnate bringing all the answers to the ignorant masses. I knew some people in college that could do it, they would walk up to people and it flowed out of them. But they aren't me. I don't have that attitude and frankly I'm just not enough of an extrovert. Messy has similar thoughts:
Back to the evangelism issue. I've never been enthusiastic about evangelism, even when I was a happy card-carrying Christian. I've been at the end of many silly and awkward attempts, and to imagine inflicting them on others just makes me wither with mortification inside.

The kind of evangelism I espouse to takes a loooot of time (years, decades), a looot of commitment, doesn't involve much of a goal except being friends and no guaranteed results.

Evangelism to me means loving people as they are, living my life as best as I can as a Christian (knowing that I'm a f***ing poor example) and harbouring no illusions that my "pure" life will inspire anyone towards Christ.
Sounds about right. I'm a flawed man, living out his flawed life. But I try and hopefully it is more than just me trying. Hopefully the spirit tries through me and together I get better. I'm not going to lie to people and pretend I'm perfect, but I'm not going lie to people and pretend I'm not different either. I am who I am and if you like it, maybe we can talk.

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