Wednesday, November 16, 2005

PBS the Bell Tolls for Thee

The former chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is accussed of breaking federal law after trying to influence PBS politically. This is against the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. Why was he trying to influence them politically? He wanted to balance the political content of the network back to center from where it stands on the far left. I'm sure some liberals are celebrating. They shouldn't. What this says is that PBS is unreformable. This is the reaction from the right:
So what are we to do with PBS? Leave it a sewer of left-wing propaganda? Put in a quota system? -The last guy got in trouble for that idea.- It's a catch 22. You can't politicize it but you can't do anything to keep it from becoming politicized because that is politicizing it.

The answer is simple. Dissolve it. Can it. Toss it. Sing it a few choruses of "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey- Good Bye" and send it packing.

Simply put, America does not need state funded media.
His reaction is by no means isolated. We're running a deficit. Why should the government be funding TV to the tune of over a hundred million dollars when we have a million channels of cable that can do the same job? Especially when it is TV that is only watched by rich liberals who can afford to pay. PBS might have been necessary when the Big 3 networks were it, but they aren't anymore. Times have changed. I guess I'll just have to catch my Dr. Who reruns on Sci-fi channel or BBC America.

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