Monday, November 14, 2005

The Political Catfight

Joan has some great points in her current post.
I'm tired of all the biting remarks coming from both sides of the aisle. It's a never-ending game of 'your mama'. If just once I could find a candidate that was about more than that (and wasn't crazy as a fucking loon), I would throw everything I had into supporting them, no matter what their political affiliation. But unfortunately I don't think that person exists in Washington anymore. And that is a very sad thing for our country.
There is an old saying, "It only takes one person to start a fight." Lately both parties have been taking turns starting the fight. At some point we're going to get a real leader, then we might actually see a true uniter not a divider. Reagan did pretty well at this, the Bushes and Clinton did not. I'd personally like to see someone step forward and tell both Ralph Nader and Pat Robertson to go screw themselves. But that's just me.

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