Thursday, November 03, 2005

Summer Solstice

I don't live in a convertable climate, but I have to admit that the new Pontaic Solstice is looking good. I won't buy one anytime soon, but if they're still making it when my mid life crisis hits I definitely start shopping the used market. Others seem to be having a similar reaction because the assembly plant in Wilmington is up to three shifts now.

Edmund's has picked it as the most significant new car. Maybe. The technology going into it for it's price is pretty amazing. Plus it's an American made roadster, previously you had to look to Mazda or Honda or BMW for one. Neither of those worked for me. The S2000 has no torque, the BMW too expensive, and the Miata is just too small. Seriously, have you ever seen a Miata driver who was over five foot eight? If you meet one, ask how much they had to modify the seats so they could fit. Seriously, ask them and they will tell you.

Plus it looks incredible. The new Miata looks like a jelly bean. The Solstice has curves. It is sexy and extravagant, an impression hammered home by the complete lack of trunk space. At 3000 lbs. I'd like to see a little more power. Not this much, but a turbocharged inline-four or even V6 would be great. Plans for a turbo four are out there.

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