Sunday, January 02, 2005

Dinner and a Movie

I went with Amybear's whole family to see National Treasure at the local Regal Theater down here. Amybear has wanted to see it for a while. I resisted because I honestly thought it would suck. Amybear doesn't exactly have a great record for picking winners. I was wrong it was actually quite good. A little contrived in parts and be prepared to suspend disbelief, but if you are looking for a PG movie to see in the near future its a good choice.

Afterwards we went out to Sweet Tomatoes. We talked about what Amybear was going to do after graduation. Amybear's Mom asked when we were going to officially get engaged. In response, I asked Amybear's dad for his blessing. Amybear has more details. Guess I have to really get cracking on buying her engagement ring.

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