Thursday, June 02, 2005

Its For the Consumer

Gillette has been slapped with an advertizing injuction for their Mach 3 Power razor. Evidently the lawsuit claims that consumers are being hurt by false advertizing that shows the M3Power using vibration to lift and cut hairs. Judge Janet C. Hall of the United States District Court (Connecticut) granted the preliminary injunction.

My thoughts? Yes this is seriously hurting consumers. It is hurting them so much that the lawsuit was part of a global legal initiative filed by Schick, their primary competitor in the razor market. Yes its about the consumer, its not about the Mach 3 line eating Schick's lunch.

Schick sells the Quattro, a four-bladed razor that competes directly with Gillette's three-bladed Mach 3. Unfortunately for Schick what makes the Mach 3 great is not the number of blades or the lubricating strips, it is the head design of the razor. The Mach 3 has an end pivot which actually follows the contours of your face without slicing you to hell. The Quattro uses a traditional central pivot, probably because Gillette patented the hell out of the Mach 3 design.

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