Monday, June 13, 2005


Geek with a .45 was at a community shoot this weekend. It was set up over at The Firing Line. There is a picture with many of the attendies on his site. He had this to say:
Now I'm certain that there's plenty of folks who'd look at a picture like the above, populated entirely by people who wanted to be photographed in a group with the most evil looking gun they owned, and be horrified.
I disagree. I've been shooting with a large group of guys before, most of whom had widely varying politics. When group picture time came, everybody got a gun and posed with it. This is what you do at a fun shoot like that. I think the only people who would be intimidated or worried would be those who are truly ignorant.

What bothers me most about gun control is the ignorant make up such a huge part of the support base. Most gun control advocates have never picked up a gun let alone shot one. They don't know how firearms work mechanically. They don't know how the firearms business works financially. They are also completely ignorant of the fundamental rules of gun handling. Gun control politicians love to pose with scary looking guns and brag about how they are keeping you safe. Usually this involves a lot of them pointing potentially-loaded guns at people with their fingers on the triggers while photographers snap pictures.

Sometimes I wonder if someone shouldn't regulate congress such that they cannot propose legislation unless they can demonstrate a rudimentary competency in what they seek to regulate. Call it "gov" control or something.

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