Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Watch Your Vector Victor!

Michele is pontificating on the importance of Airplane! to western civilization on the 25th anniversary of it's release. She's right too. Airplane is just so amazingly quotable. I can remember sitting around at the bus stop on a foggy morning and having someone say "the fog is getting thicker" someone would immediately bust out "and Leon is getting larger..."

Being a bit of klutz, I also use "I have a drinking problem..." a lot. Usually after the fact.

I remember when that whole Ebonics scandal was going down "Excuse me I'm fluent in Jive..." came up a lot too.

The most vicious gag is "what do you make of this?" I have to stiffen up so I don't spit out "Well it could be a hat or a broach or a pterydactyl..."

All this is the fault of one man: Joe Carr. He would spit out Airplane references incessantly during trips for Science Olympiad and Scott's Hi-Q. Darn him.

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