Monday, June 06, 2005

Lifting Heavy Things

Sunday I went to church, had lunch with my family, and then lifted heavy things (grunt grunt). Specifically I helped my parents put their air conditioners in their windows. I'm sure they are appreciating it right now.

After that I stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods and picked up a gun cabinet for my long guns. The cabinets were on sale. Getting an 80 pound, 5 foot by whatever cabinet into my little car was an adventure in itself though. I tried putting my seats down and loading it through the trunk, but no luck. After playing with it I managed to get it into the passenger compartment in a way that still left me enough room to drive. My apartment is on the third floor so while lugging it up those stairs wasn't exactly fun, at least it was straightforward.

I had been storing my long guns in hard cases. This isn't especially good for guns because they can hold in moisture. Now my guns are in a nice locked steel cabinet with some dessicant packets to keep them dry. This is a much better way to do things.

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