Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Cat's Passing

Methodist Blogger Beth Quick lost her male gray tabby cat on March 1st. Grayer, who was only three, died suddenly and inexplicably before she returned home Thursday evening. I'm so sorry.

At the risk of adding insult to Beth's injury, if you have a male cat and especially an orange or gray tabby like Milo or Grayer, have your vet check them for urinary crystals. Urine crystals and the resulting urinary infection can be very serious and potentially lethal in cats. The condition is most common in gray male tabbies although orange tabbies like Milo are almost as bad off. The treatment is easy, you just switch them over to a prescribed diet and it could save their life.

I doubt Grayer died of crystal problems. Milo started urinating inappropriately before his condition got serious. I doubt that sort of behavior would go unnoticed.

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