Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kiss the Cook

In another food related post, Amybear and I have realized that banana bread is a wonderful food. Why? Because we buy fruit, but rarely end up eating it all before they start to go bad. With bananas, the best time to make banana bread is when the skins have turned so black you wouldn't dare put the bananas in your mouth. But you can process them into a form which is quite tasty.

Both Amy and I like to cook. I like to bake and I'm getting pretty good at making cookies and brownies, as the DCBA members that went to the New Years Party can attest. Our initial attempts at banana bread in our breadmaker resulted in something that was more of a sandwich bread than a desert bread. It was good but not great. Amybear did some research and we whipped up some honest to God desert bread last weekend. Good stuff.

But now when I buy bananas I'm almost rooting for them to wind up disgusting so we can cook with them. Somehow that doesn't seem like a good thing.

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