Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Highland Games

John brought up the games in the comment of my kilt post. The games are definitely worth a trip.

I've been to the Fair Hill Scottish Games twice. On the first visit I went with friends. We watched some of the sporting events, shopped a bit, and ate the good food. Good food meaning that I consumed very little haggis, but several bridies and meat pies. On the second visit my entire family went and we also watched the sheepdog herding demonstration. Honestly, I think that the sheepdog demonstration is more than worth the price of entry to the games all by itself. But I also know people who go every year just to see all the pipers. The point is that there is a lot to see and do.

The Fair Hill Scottish Games will be on May 19th at Fair Hill off Rt 273 in Elkton, Maryland. My family hasn't gone for several years and the consensus is that we should go again this year. We'll see if Amy's parents want to come up, too. Hopefully it won't rain, but if it does the games will just feel all the more Scottish. Tickets are available at the gate, but you can order them in advance for a reduced rate (info on the website).

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