Thursday, March 29, 2007

Permanent Age

Kim du Toit has an interesting post and for once it isn't about politics or firearms (although I'm sure he'll get back to that):
What’s your permanent age?

I’ve observed that everyone has a permanent age that appears to be set at birth. For example, I’ve always been 42-years old. I was ill-suited for being a little kid, and didn’t enjoy most kid activities. By first grade I knew I wanted to be an adult, with an established career, car, house and a decent tennis game. I didn’t care for my awkward and unsettled twenties. And I’m not looking forward to the rocking chair. If I could be one age forever, it would be 42.
Kim is naturally an old curmudgeon so he puts his around 50. I figure that I really belong in my mid twenties. That way I don't feel guilty being slightly immature, watching anime, and making things go boom, but I still make a halfway decent living. And I can still relate to Amybear since her natural age is somewhere in her giggly tweens most of the time.


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