Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Air America: Protectors of the Little Guy?

Michelle Malkin and LaShawn Barber are both covering a finance scandal surrounding Air America and several New York charities for children and the elderly.

To make a long story short, Air America isn't really making money. Their ratings, even in liberal areas, are still well below rival conservative media outlets. The answer to this funding problem has been to rely on rich donors like George Soros and, of course, fraud.

You see liberals, especially rich ones, spend a lot of time on the boards of various charities. It is seen as giving back to the community and is considered a good thing. Generally it is a good thing by the way. In this case there is some overlap between the executives at charities like the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club and Air America. So when Air America needed money, individuals at Gloria Wise "invested" government charitable grants earmarked for helping children into the talk radio network. Sound illegal? Well it almost certainly is.

Now Air America is supposed to pay the money back of course, but now that the city has found out and terminated the grants to Gloria Wise. Not only is Air America going down, but it seems to be taking a bunch of children and senior citizens with it.

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