Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Delaware Humor

IMAO has some completely untrue trivia about my home state.

Someone over at IMAO stated that Delaware roads are over-taxed/tolled. This is ridiculous. Delaware roads are taxed/tolled if you are coming in from out of state. There are essentially 3 main tolls in Delaware:
  1. On I295 South coming in from New Jersey
  2. On I95 North and South at the Maryland state line
  3. On Route 1 which is the main tourist highway to the Delaware beaches
It should be mentioned that Delawareans only pay toll 1. Even we will pay to leave New Jersey. Toll 2 is easily routed around using local roads in Newark and Elkton. It may even be faster to do this because you avoid the awful toll traffic at the state line. Toll 3 is avoided using Route 13 to get to the beach and avoid the Route 1 traffic.

Delaware set this up deliberately. You see we don't have a sales tax, so people from Maryland and New Jersey come here to shop. They do it a lot and we ensure that the state still makes revenue from them when they do via highway tolls.

Pennsylvania is the only neighboring state Delawareans commute to for work (at least in large numbers). There are no tolls on that route.

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