Friday, July 21, 2006

Bad Math Humor

After the Great Flood was over, Noah got off and personally supervised the release of the animals on board. As each pair was released from the hold to go hopping, crawling and fluttering away, Noah said to them, "Go forth and multiply!"

At one point, a pair of snakes came slithering down the ramp together. Noah addressed them as he had all the others: "Go forth and multiply!" The snakes looked at one another in embarassment, and then replied, "We can't. We're adders."

Well, this set Noah to thinking. He bid the snakes to wait there for a little while. Then he went down to the hold, gathered up his carpentry tools and then set off into the forest. He returned later dragging along a bunch of fallen logs.

Then there was furious activity: Noah was sawing, planing, hammering away at the logs. When he was finished, he presented the snakes a newly built, rough-hewn table. He said to the snakes "Go forth and multiply! For even adders can multiply using log tables."
These and other horrible bible math jokes can be found over at the Curt Jester. I discovered him by way of Paul Smith.

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