Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wedding Ramble

Amy and I were at Amy's cousin Jeff's wedding in Connecticut over the weekend. It was the first large-scale family gathering we attended after getting married ourselves so we were wondering what it would be like.

Long story short, it was an enjoyable few days. Their wedding ceremony was outdoors and luckily the weather was nearly perfect. It was both sunny and mild with a slight breeze. Considering the miserable humid overcast with sprinkles we had been having, it was an especially pleasant change.

As for the wedding itself, we couldn't help but think that we liked our wedding better. Their ceremony was very short. (Do you? Do you? Do the ring thing and let's go eat!) The reception was quite nice, but we didn't get to talk to the bride and groom much if at all. But then again our wedding was our wedding. It should have reflected what we wanted. We had some ceremony to our ceremony and we wanted people to feel at home at the reception so we spent time talking to everyone and playing host. It would be kind of a shame if we had liked someone elses wedding better than our own.

Oh and we consumed a ridiculous amount of food over the weekend, especially red meat. I had steak at the rehearsal dinner at J.Gilbert's. It was yummy, but smokier and charred more than I generally enjoy my steaks. The steak we had at the reception was both larger and yummier, in my humble opinion.

It's strange, but I'm finding I don't generally like the steaks prepared at "steak" places. Outback over spices their meat and then undercooks it. Lonestar seems to use poor cuts of meat and also seems to export talent to Sullivans as soon as possible. I generally enjoy cooking my own steaks at home. A little sirloin, some time in the Adolph's, then a good broil until medium/medium-well, and I have something Amy and I both really like.

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