Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Tesla

That's what you get when you take a Lotus Elise turn it into an electric vehicle. It's an electric car that does zero to 60 in fourish seconds and has a 200 to 250 mile range. Wow. An electric car I would consider buying, well if it wasn't $80k to $100k.

They did a good job, in large part because they have been working closely with Lotus. The car gets its power from a bank of what are essentially laptop batteries mounted amidships where the Elise's engine would be. That keeps the weight centralized for good handling and using laptop batteries means there may be a readily available technology upgrade path. When you need to buy new batteries, you may just be able to plug in next generation components. That would be sweet.

It also has been restyled so it doesn't look like a giant bug like the Elise. Bonus.

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