Monday, July 10, 2006

UN Gun Control Fails Again

Not only did the gun banners at the latest conference fail to achieve any type of consensus, but the whole conference process has been aborted. Good. I hate the idea of third world dictators, who disarm their populations to keep them compliant, dictating firearms policy to you and me in the land of the free. No thank you.

In related news I took Sunshine, my M1 carbine, out to the range on Saturday. The weather was nice and I rezeroed her at 25 meters. By a coincidence of ballistics, that is a 100 yard zero for the carbine as well. The bad news is that I was shooting steel-cased wolf ammo. It was rather crappy stuff and not very accurate. I'm rather concerned that my point of impact might change when I switch to something stouter from a reputable manufacturer or remanufacturer.

I'm starting to realize how much fun shooting longarms can be. With pistols, my eyes and hands are worn out after an hour of shooting. With rifles, my enjoyment can last quite a bit longer because I'm planning my shots more and the recoil doesn't tire me out. I can't wait until I get around to completing my AR-15 and I can take that to the range.

UPDATE: In other related news, Dick's Sporting Goods has the Rossi .22lr/.410 or .22lr/20 guage matched pair on sale for $110. It's a long gun with an interchangeable shotgun and rifle barrel, two guns in one. It is perfect for teaching kids (especially since these are almost certainly the smaller "youth" models) or just getting out to the range for cheap fun.

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