Thursday, July 27, 2006

Politics: Extra! Extra! Conservative Loves America!

Ben Stein is thankful for being an American. When Polish Jews from his family were being beaten to death by anti-semites in post-war Poland, he was driving his dad's Impala trying to pick up girls (and failing miserably). Who does he have to thank?
God bless this glorious American military, every wife, every child, every parent, and endless prayers for them to return home safe, mission accomplished. God bless them every moment of every day for keeping safe this America, inside of which we live as powerfully as we live in our skin. This has to be the central fact of our lives: gratitude for the men and women who make this great life possible, who wear the uniform and cover it with glory.

Oh and about Poland. One of the sad facts about World War II is that while the Nazis get all the credit for being rabid anti-semites, the Russians have never been much better. And after the war, the Russians controlled vast swathes of Eastern Europe filled with Jews. Fortunately the Russians aren't as efficient as the Germans. A lot of the Jews were able to emigrate to Isreal or simply concealed their racial identities.

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