Wednesday, July 26, 2006

God: The Power of Proverbs

From Steve over at Lamponian Wisdom:
So, I woke up around 4 AM this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I started perusing through Proverbs and found a healthy admonition to bloggers everywhere, "A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions." (Proverbs 18:2). Here's hoping this blog does not become a platform for a fool.
Ditto that sentiment.

My minister liked to suggest that instead of reading horoscopes or Dear Abby, we should try to read a chapter of Proverbs a day. Since there are 31 chapters, that works out to a simple monthly schedule. I have to start doing that again.

Steve was my small group leader for several years by the way. He's just starting this whole blogging thing, but I hope he continues.

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