Monday, December 06, 2004

AIDS and Sex Ed

King of Fools is talking about sex education. I tried quoting him, but his tone makes it difficult to do that an still understand what he means. So I dropped the post and instead I will paraphrase.

The typical sex education argument is that kids are going to have promiscuous sex anyway, so we need to emphasize condoms and "safer-sex" over abstinence education. Now the problem is that this logic is self defeating because it is based on the idea that kids lack self control. If they won't control their urges to have sex in the first place, then why will they control them to the extent of putting on a condom during sex?

I agree with him. What we need to start doing is expecting self control from kids. Why is it that expecting kids to behave properly is instantly classified as "repression" by the left? Thats what I want to know.

A bigger surprise came from this link in the comments section. Long story short, Uganda has been heavily emphasizing abstinence education for years. They have one of the lowest AIDS infection rates in Africa. Other nations are starting to follow their lead. So much for it being a foolhardy strategy. Thanks for the proof of theory Uganda.

UPDATE: Joe Carter is discussing sex ed at Evangelical Outpost Specifically he is discussing the Waxman report. Rep. Waxman (CA-D) basically lambasts abstinence based sexual education.

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