Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas Holidays

Christmas was at my parents this year. Unlike Thanksgiving which saw something like 8 kids and 12 adults at the house, this was a fairly quiet affair with only 6 adults and two labrador retrievers. I kind of liked it that way and I didn't feel the need to flee to my apartment to get away very often. In fact things were mostly the opposite, nobody was doing much of anything and it got boring quickly. Oh well. At least there were doggies. I miss my dog.

On a sad note one of my sister's dogs isn't doing well. He is 13 years old and has definitely moved into geriatric decline. This morning they took him to a local vetrinary hospital because he started having a rapid heartbeat sometime last night. The took time sleeping next to him during the night and nobody got much sleep. Its hard on my sister and brother-in-law since their dogs are basically their children. Amybear noticed it too when she was up, something about my sister relating to everyone according to their pets.

Hopefully Mars will pull through.

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