Sunday, December 26, 2004

Division in the Church and the Endtimes

I got to church late today. It was in that no mans land between when sunday school has reached critical mass and when the service actually starts. So I can't go into sunday school school without drawing undo attention to myself, but luckily I wasn't alone. I ran across a friend named Patti who was in the same situation.

So we struck up a conversation about theology since our class is about historical christian theology. Long story short we both have a healthy distrust of philosophical christianity that doesn't root itself in scripture. Its way too easy to get down a rabbit trail.

We also talked about stupid divisions in the church. Case in point: Interpretations of Revelations. How many churches have split over a-, post-, pre- millenialism? It seemed foolish to both of us since your breaking fellowship over interpretation of prophetic scripture. It has happened yet people! Nobody will know who is right until it is too late. God himself has said he is deliberately obfuscating things so we won't find out beforehand. If only the father knows the right answer and he has said he isn't telling, why are you fighting about it?


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