Thursday, December 02, 2004

Apartment Troubles: Cont'd

Remember this post? Well Steve Larrimore from Flynn & Larrimore suggested I consult my copy of the Delaware Landlord Tenants code. I believe the relevant section is here:
(1) Failure to remit the security deposit or the difference between the security deposit and the amount set forth in the list of damages within 20 days from the expiration or termination of the rental agreement shall entitle the tenant to double the amount wrongfully withheld.
My rental agreement was legally terminated in September 31st. Because of their mismanagement of my notice, they consider it legally terminated October 29th. Whichever is the case, they now know they are in error and it has been over 20 days since either date. I'm fully within my rights to invoke the penalty.

If I receive a check from them soon, I may still be merciful (and lazy) and let it slide. The woman doing the accounts is new to the job. I'd hate to see her get punished for something that her predecessor probably screwed up. I'm willing to forgive and forget provided this is settled promptly now that they know their error. I'm a nice guy. But it needs to be settled by the end of this week or I'm invoking the penalty. I'm not that nice.

Thanks Steve. We've had our differences, but if I decide to go through with this you will have paid for all my Christmas/Hanukkah shopping this year.

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