Sunday, December 12, 2004

Bachelor Party

My coworker Izzy is getting married this coming saturday. We had a bachelor party for him last night. Since we're all christians it was fairly tame. We took him out for the classical christian vice: vast quantities of red meat. This was followed by bowling. We didn't do anything really fun to him, like strip him naked and tie him up in the middle of New Jersey with only cab fare. Which is fine by me because I am going to get married sometime in the future and he would remember to do it right back to me.

Bowling sucked for anything other than general male comraderie. It was cosmic bowling,. That means lots of smoke, black lights, and bad loud music. Its a hoot if you are drunk. We weren't. It isn't so much of a hoot if you want to throw a ball down a lane and knock down any pins. At one point the smoke machines were on so heavy we couldn't see the other end of the lane. It became a game of guess where the ball went. But hanging out with everybody was fun.

So at the end of the night I was hoarse from yelling over crappy music and inhaling smoke. Oh and turns out one of the guys I didn't really know at the party reads the this blog. He was all nice when he found out I write it. Hey Tim!

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