Monday, December 13, 2004


Ambra Nykol is writing about how Martin Luther King's image is being appropriated by various groups. The paragraph that struck me was this one:
Liberals and gay-rights activists (often mutually exclusive terms) are outraged at the fact that their beloved Dr. King was associated with anything opposing homosexual marriage. Among the many protesters from gay-advocacy groups were signs that read "I STAND IN OPPOSITION OF NEW BIRTH'S HOMOPHOBIC MARCH". Right. I love how the Left uses "homophobia" as a scare tactic. As if being called that is something new or offensive.
I find being called a homophobe very offensive myself. Is anybody else sick of the left sticking this label on anyone that disagrees with them over gay rights?

What is a phobia? It is an irrational fear of something. So in this case anyone who disagrees with the gay rights agenda must have an irrational fear of homosexuals. They've managed to wrap multiple fallacies in one statement.

First, by labelling everyone this way you are excluding the middle. Sorry folks, but I can disagree with the moral legitimacy of homosexuality without being afraid of you in the slightest. I know and like a lot of gay folks. I'm straight, but I'm opposed to gay bashing as much as you are. I even support Pink Pistols, which helps gay folks learn to practically defend themselves from violence via firearms training.

The second is the obvious combination of ad hominem and begging the question. Homophobia is a bad thing, so obviously a homophobes arguments bear no weight. Similarly since phobias are irrational, therefore their arguments must be irrational as well.

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