Friday, December 03, 2004

Iranian Army of Martyrs

QandO is posting on the development of an Army of Martyrs within Iran. They have recruited over 20,000 suicide bombers since June with membership including woman and seven year-old boys.

According to Foriegn Ministry Spokesman Asefi:
The group’s campaign to sign up volunteers for suicide attacks had “nothing to do with the ruling Islamic establishment” adding that if “some people do such a thing [it] is the result of their sentiments. It has nothing to do with the government and the system”.
If they really have nothing to do with the government and the system, then would the government object if we started martyring them early through our own means? Probably. Maybe we should start a martyring school in Iraq. Here son, lets take you down to the martyring test range so you can make some dry runs. ;)

Nobody really wants to go to war with Iran. It isn't a fight anyone would win easily. We would much rather reform the country peacefully by encouraging its internal democratic movement. Evidentally the Iranians have realized this. They have concluded quite correctly that they cannot win the war of ideas. What they don't seem to get through their turbans is that the war of bullets is even more lopsided.

The sad thing is that if they do this, they won't just be pissing us off. They will be pissing the Iraqis off too. They are just handing the Iraqis reasons to build themselves into a regional power with a strong government that hates Iran.

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