Monday, January 16, 2006

Big Nerd Right Here

Today's Penny Arcade is vaguely appropriate. Amybear has been a big massive multiplayer fan for a while, but she recently decided to move up from our bush-league Fairyland roots into something a little more A-list. So she bought a copy of World of Warcraft last week.

We played a little over the weekend after fighting with her laptop just to get the game running. Laptop video cards can be like that. It is a fun game and Amy, who doesn't have a lot of RPG experience outside of Fairyland, is slowly warming to it. I played on her account a bit this weekend. It was fun enough that she gave me her free 10-day pass to set up my own account.

After a long install, it is running on my computer. My computer doesn't have as much problem with it, but I had to upgrade my RAM from 256 megs to full gig. Honestly, I should have done this before now, my computer has been having some trouble with it's memory for while. WoW just gave me a good excuse. Circuit City had a RAM deal advertised this weekend, but per the usual they were out of stock. So I bought my gig for more money at Best Buy. Hopefully Amy and I will be playing together tonight.

I say hopefully because I've been waiting to log on the server for an hour and twenty minutes. Now this isn't because the server is down or unreliable. No this is because the server has it's maximum number of clients and I'm waiting in a queue. I assume that I've been waiting so long because I'm a freeloader. At one point I was 50th in the queue. Now I'm in the low hundreds. How you can go up in a queue is beyond me. Is there an electronic equivalent to frontsies?

If this is representative of the game experience as a whole, then there is no way I'm going to pay good money for it. If there is one thing I have learned about business, is that you should treat a prospective client as well as a current client. Otherwise you should not expect to get their money. I don't like to give people my for nothing and Circuit City has already learned that today.

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