Thursday, January 26, 2006

Palestinian Politics

Hamas has won big in the election. I'm disappointed of course. A lot of people are. I wish the Palestinians would wake up and look at their leaders for the corrupt men they are.

But there is a good part of this whole thing. The Palestinians have just institutionalized Hamas. First, now Hamas has to fix things. This may point out just how bankrupt the organization really is. Maybe. But I'm betting they'll just blame the US and the Jews for their problems. Second, we're really good at taking down institutionalized foes. A terrorist home state? Wonderful, now we know who and where to bomb. A thousands scattered foes are hard to hit, but in many ways an organized army is much easier. Palestine has gone from a state at peace with Israel, to one they can very conveniently declare war on.

UPDATE: David Bernstein has similar thoughts on the silver lining of the Hamas victory.

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