Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Still a Big Nerd

I'm getting a lot more old Penny Arcade jokes now that I've actually played WoW. This is especially true since I've been playing with my fiance. After waiting for 2 hours (no I'm not kidding) I was able to get on the server. Fortunately for most of that time I was watching CSI in the next room. We played, we leveled, we had an ok time.

Amy is still getting used to the differences between WoW and Fairyland, especially when you encounter monsters. In Fairyland you walk around the empty world map and various encounters pop up randomly. Then you have a clean turn-based combat system to resolve things. In WoW the monsters are wandering around the world map just like you. You can try to avoid them or you can set an ambush. The combat itself is dynamic and real time so you need to use your hotkeys and be on top of things. Plus new monsters can join in your fight or other characters can horn in on your kill. Oh and Fairyland is very cute.

It can be annoying yet very fun. When I was playing some last night at (time withheld to protect the guilty), I was hunting boars so I could cook up some tasty boar steaks. These bears kept showing up and kicking the crap out of my Hunter. I never knew dwarves were capable of being such good sprinters. I really need to learn trap skills so I can get unexpected opponents off my back long enough to kill their electronic butts.

But enough about me being a big dork.

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