Monday, January 23, 2006

Local Pro-Life Politics

Roe v. Wade's 33nd anniversary was yesterday. La Shawn Barber has had a good series of posts up on abortion. I'm not going to go on an abortion rant, but I will bring this whole thing home.

When I was a teenager I did fundraisers for Delaware's Crisis Pregnancy Center which has since changed it's name to A Door of Hope. The fundraiser was called the Alternathon, they held it at Lum's Pond, and I road my bike for 25-40 miles earning dollars per mile. Door of Hope no longer holds the Alternathon because the fundraiser was loaded with expenses that ate up their funds. Now they do the much cheaper "baby bottle boomerang" which is going on right now.

A Door of Hope provides services advocating abstinence and positive alternatives to abortion. They also provide basic pre-natal medical care (like ultrasounds) for women with financial difficulties.

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