Thursday, January 05, 2006

Picking Targets

I took my Hipower and 1911 out to the range this weekend. It was the first time I had gone shooting over a month. I shot mostly rapid fire to use up the last of my crappy commercial ultimax reloads in .45 and 9mm. Even shooting quickly and often one-handed, I was keeping all my rounds in an 8" diameter circle at 7 yards. This isn't stellar target by any means, but that sort of accuracy should still be effective.

I really like shoot-n-c targets in low light. Right now I only have cheap black on not-really-white paper targets. The problem with black targets is that you can't actually see the holes you are making. This is especially true poor light, like the cloudy weather we've been having. So I stuck a shoot-n-c on my target which puts a nice green or orange ring around each hole. One of the other pistol shooters borrowed one from me on permanent loan. I generally like using the white on red rifle zeroing targets because they don't require shoot-n-sees for good visibility. Even better you can add those little black shoot-n-c spots to the middle of the target so you can actually see when you bullseye.

My 1911 bit me a few times. The GI hammer and safety can do that with a high hold. The hammer spur and safety tang pinch a little skin on the web of your hand. It hurt, but it won't kill you. I'm going to follow Teddy J's advice and shorten/re-radius the spur hammer by a fraction of an inch with my dremel. It seems silly to spend cash on a beavertail grip safety and commanders hammer for a gun as inexpensive as my 1911. Besides this will give me something to do on MLK day.

Sunday Dick's had a sale on 9mm, 50 rounds for $6. I bought 500 rounds which should last me until the weather warms up at the very least. I also stopped by Miller's for their New Years sale. They cut their prices on a lot of single action pistols to get stock out the door before inventory. I also handled a bersa thunder .380 and a walther ppk. Buy the bersa. The walther is three times more and an inferior design. Another local shop is now carrying Rock River AR-15s. Sweet. I may have to look into them.

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