Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Influential Christians

There is a new list of the top 50 most influential Christians in America. Evangelical Outpost looks at the under-represented (Catholic clergy), the over-represented (televangelists), and how things break down. Thinklings relays this Michael Spencer quote:
When will American Christians realize that “leaders” aren’t appointed by God through book or album sales?
The Internet Monk has a point. The problem is that in a contest of influence, the man (or woman) who shouts the loudest wins. There are plenty of blogs with spiritual instruction superior to Joel Osteen. But many of them only have a hundred readers. As many a missionary has pointed out, you can't follow the Word if you never hear it. It stinks that many people will read this list as "The 50 Best Christians in America" when in fact they should read it as "The 50 Loudest Christians in America" but living in a fallen world is like that.

UPDATE: Matthew notes that at least Pat Robertson isn't on the list. Amen to that. Can we all stop paying attention to him now? Major media outlets this means you.

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