Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Paying Inattention

I catch myself doing things similar to this:
I also get myself into the “how are you” loop. It works like this.

Me: “How are you?”

Other person: “Good. How are you?”

Me: “Good. How are you?”

Other person: “Um…still good.”

That’s pretty much a signal that you weren’t listening and don’t care.
I have a daily pseudo-conversation with a security guard coming onto base. I show him my badge. He looks at it, waves me through, and tells me to either have a good day or to drive safely. I always answer "Thanks, you too" as I drive off.

But "Thanks, you too..." is only an appropriate response to "Have a nice day." It makes no sense whatsoever if the guard is wishing me a safe drive, because the guard is on foot. Oops. Sorry. Hope you weren't listening either buddy.

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