Friday, January 20, 2006

Neener Neener Nader

Autoblog is linking to comments by Ralph Nader scolding Chrysler for irrational exuberance.
Nader said he couldn't believe that one of Chrysler's executives driven a "muscle car" through a plate glass window at Cobo Hall. The vehicle actually driven through glass was a new Jeep Wrangler. "It shows a high level of juvenile delinquency," said Nader.
Yes how awful that they would waste that glass showing how cool their vehicle is. Couldn't they just have done it by sipping tea or something? But that would probably waste tea.

Nader went on to criticize Chrysler's behavior as typical of domestic auto producers. Except of course that Chrysler isn't a domestic auto manufacturer anymore. For those that aren't aware, Chrysler is owned by the Germans and the board is 7/10 German. Of the three non-germans, one is Canadian. There is no Big 3 anymore, there is only the Big 2.

He also suggested:
Nader also suggested only half in jest that the auto industry ought to consider outsourcing executive jobs to India or China. The U.S. also might want to consider doing the same thing with Congress. "I guarantee I could go around the world and find 535 extremely honest legislators who would be willing to do the job for $8,000 per year," added Nader. "But that's never going to happen," he acknowledged because Congressmen and CEOs have far more job protection than the average worker in the U.S.
No only is this incorrect because Congress has to run for re-election regularly, but outsourcing congress? How the hell do you outsource jobs representing Americans in the halls of government to non-Americans? Either Nader is joking, senile, or has a warped view of the role of congress.

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