Friday, February 17, 2006

Bashing the Services

Joe Carter is bashing the Air Force with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. That is his God given right as an ex-Marine.
Let me first say that I have the utmost respect for all of the groups that serve our country. The Army, Navy, Marines, and Boy Scouts all do an outstanding job and have my deepest admiration. The Air Force, being very similar to a military organization, gets my thanks as well.
Amybear's Dad was a Major in the Air Force before he retired and became a contractorsold his soul to the devil. That means you will never hear me bash the Air Force. Where Amy's Dad might see or hear it. But I will make fun of him for being a contractor as is my right as a federal employee.

I must say that when I'm watching Stargate SG1, the thing that taxes my suspension of disbelief the most is not that these guys are flying space ships or traveling to other planets. It is that Air Force personnel are supposed to be capable of being such badasses in close combat. Let's face it, the Air Force isn't exactly the combat arm for elite infantry. Just once I'd like to see a ton of Marines or Army Rangers come piling through the gate and save SG1s hide.

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