Friday, February 17, 2006

Blogging Around the World

Last night my small group entertained (sometimes literally) Brenda Herhei, a missionary operating in Hungary with Pioneers International. Brenda is one of several people from my church's singles group to transition into full time missions. She was there to ask for support and I intend to give her some. If you wish to, contact me and I'll hook you up.

Brenda does church planting on a team in Petofibanya, a small ex-mining town in Hungary built by that country's Communists a while back. It is a blue collar town and a fairly unpleasant place to live. The people there have had rough lives.

Where does blogging around the world fit in? Well the Mercers, Allen and Sharon, also came out of my church and are some of the original members of the team. The interesting thing for you guys is that they blog. Within the last year their team's work has really born spiritual fruit. A small group study which has been unattended for three years has recently taken off. They have two many people for one group now and have multiplied. God is doing amazing things and their blog is record of it.

I wish more missionaries could do this. Unfortunately, many of my church's missionaries operate in Muslim countries where even admitting to being a missionary at home or on the internet can get you lynched.

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