Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Unbiased Reporting

Dawn Eden received the following email from a fellow journalist:
Hi there
I am a reporter for Marie Claire magazine working on a lengthy feature about "crisis pregnancy centers" and I love your site. I am looking to talk with women who have been deceived by CPCs. I am wondering if you can help. Of course I wouldn't expect you to divulge their identity to me, but if you could pass along my information, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please feel free to call me any time day or night via email or cell phone at *data withheld*.

All the best
Siobhan O'Connor
Reporter, Marie Claire Magazine
One, she obviously has never read Dawn's site. If she had, she would realize that the most Dawn would give her is the finger. Second, does this sound like a well researched and unbiased article to you? "I'm looking for people with horror stories from Crisis Pregnancy Centers so I can publicize how bad the centers are." Granted we are talking Marie Claire, not the New York Times... er... Well ok this does sound like something the Times would run. But that isn't a good thing.

And yes I have done fund raising for crisis pregnancy centers in the past.

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